Kampanart Silva


“Co-chairing TYSA has been a very challenging task. But it is at the same time a very rewarding one, especially when we see our new members try their best to use the sciences they know and the skills they have to make the society better via TYSA activities. This assures what our alumni say that TYSA is a place where young scientists come in with a willingness to give, and get a long-lasting friendship and the opportunity to be heard by science policy makers as byproducts.”

Worajit Setthapun

Executive Committee Member

“I really feel that Thai young researchers have so much potential. I would like to contribute to creating the eco-system to assist and facilitate the young researchers to reach their potentials. TYSA has the network and resources to guide Thai young researchers to apply for R&D funding from various funding agency both nationally and internationally. In addition, TYSA has given me the opportunity to contribute to the STI policy direction for Thailand. I believe, with proper science-based policy, the betterment of STI in Thailand and world-wide would be more effective.”

Anuwat Wiratsudakul

Regular Member

I was first only curious what they are doing in TYSA. However, it really exceeds my expectation once I become a member of this warm and creative association. As a newcomer, I was welcomed with cheerful guidance. I, later on, realize the everyone in TYSA works together with a willingness to make our society a better place. We use our variety of expertise that surprisingly greatly harmonizes. I believe that TYSA is expanding to cover a higher level of multidiscipline. You would be more than welcome to join us if you are a young scientist, including social science, of course!

Issariya Chairam

Affiliate Member, Outreach & Science Communication Working Group Co-Leader

“As an affiliate member, I find TYSA is a bright community where researchers dedicate their efforts and time to contribute their expertise to society through activities we initiate and implement together. While the members share their knowledge and experience, they gain better public communication skills and build up a strong network. As an outreach and science communication working group co-leader of TYSA, I have an opportunity to work with TYSA members with a myriad of expertise to make science make sense to the society and hope that would inspire our young generations.”

Wirulda Pootakham

Regular Member

Being a part of TYSA gives me an opportunity to share my scientific knowledge and opinions with the public, especially the younger generation. TYSA also helps connect young scientists together, providing an excellent outlet for enthusiastic researchers to share their passions and build a professional network.