Rina Patramanon

Ph.D. in Biological Chemistry
Department of Biochemistry, Faculty of Science, Khon Kaen University
Associate Professor
Email Address:
[email protected]


Biochemistry, Biosensor, Aging Mechanism, Aging Index, Digital Health
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“Dr. Rina Patramanon teaches Biochemistry at Khon Kaen University. She currently has active research in the field of biosensors and biomedical nanotechnology. She is under Talent Mobility Program, Ministry of Science and Technology. She is also Thailand finalist for ASEAN-US Women in Science in 2017. Dr. Rina has close collaboration with private sector in designing and commercializing nanobiosensor product called Youthmeter, with the support from National Innnovation Agency, Thailand. Recently, Dr. Rina has moved her work into health AI in order to develop a new health monitoring paradigm based on physiological and biochemical parameters.”