Dr. Nuwong Chollacoop

Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), 2004
Sc.B, Brown University, 1999
Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Research Team, National Energy Technology Center (ENTEC), National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA)
Team Leader

2018 – ASEAN Science and Technology Fellowship
2010 – Deutscher Akademischer Austausch Dienst (DAAD) scholar
2009 – Green Talents
Sustainable Mobility, Sustainable Biofuel, Renewable Energy Policy, Energy Demand Modeling, Energy Resilience
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[email protected]
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“Since 2004, I have worked on transportation biofuel ranging from production, characterization, standardization to utilization in engine. Recent work on B10 (10% biodiesel blend with diesel) project with Department of Alternative Energy Development and Efficiency (DEDE) has resulted in revised national standard of biodiesel (B100) and B10 as standard grade in Thailand. My research has then expanded toward sustainable mobility, where recent work with Office of Transport and Traffic Policy and Planning (OTP) has contributed to GHG emission reduction in transport sector of Thailand National Determined Contribution (NDC) from COP21 commitment. As founding member of Electric Vehicle Association of Thailand (EVAT) in 2015, I have served as committee ever to push forward EV in Thailand”