Dr. Kampanart Silva

Ph.D. in Nuclear Engineering and Management, University of Tokyo, 2015
Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Research Team, Energy Innovation Research Group, National Energy Technology Center (ENTEC), National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA)
Email Address:
[email protected]

2020 – ASEAN Science Diplomat
2019 – Young Nuclear Scientist Award
2017 – Well-doer of the Ministry of Science and Technology
2012 – Fellow Prize, Atomic Energy Society of Japan
Energy Resilience, Energy Risk Assessment, Probabilistic Risk Assessment, Nuclear Power, Nuclear Accident, Radiation Protection
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“Apart from being a co-chair of TYSA, Kampanart is also an interim ex-officio executive committee member of the ASEAN Young Scientists Network (ASEAN YSN), and an executive committee of the JSPS Alumni Association Thailand (JAAT). He is a member of the Nuclear Society of Thailand and the Science Society of Thailand. He is also a founding member of the ASEAN Network on Nuclear Power Safety Research.”